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The Survival Hybrid

Lodge OrchardThe SURVIVAL Hybrid is a small powerhouse, designed for heating up to 1,000 sq. ft. It’s perfect for small houses, camps, cabins, or protection against power outages. Like our other Hybrids, it has both Secondary Combustion and Catalytic Combustion, so it has very low emissions (1.05 g/hr) and very vigh efficiency (79.4% HHV). The combined efficiency and emissions make this a “top ten” performer among all woodstoves. Click here for more information!

How is the SURVIVAL Hybrid related to the Navajo Stove?

The SURVIVAL Hybrid is an offshoot of our stove development efforts for the Navajo Nation at the 4 corners (where Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico). Our efforts on behalf of the Navajos have been focused on making a stove that is highly efficient, very affordable, and very, very clean. You can read about our efforts here on our blog.

You can also purchase a SURVIVAL Hybrid with Navajo Artwork (see below) for an additional $100 premium. The entire $100 premium goes to Red Feather, a 501(c)3 Charity dedicated to helping Navajo homeowners weatherize their homes and make them more energy efficient.

yellow Navajo side with tools  yellow Navajo front  Yellow Navajo side  

   yellow Navajo close up front  yellow Navajo controls  Yellow Navajo top 

The cleanest, most efficient, and most powerful wood stove in its price range. Click here for details
Prairie Wheat Charcoal Mahoganyfire webWildwood Charcoal Black fire

• Low 0.5 g/hr EPA emissions
• 77% EPA efficiency

• Big 2.5 cu.ft. firebox

• Burns 12-14 hours easily
• Left or right door
• Top or rear vent
• Choice of 6 Designs

• Soapstone liner
• Advanced hybrid design
• Outside air adapter std.

• Optional ash pan
• Choice of Colors
• Low rear clearance
• Meets EPA 2020 standards

Meet our first two Hybrid Wood Stoves: Progress Hybrid & Ideal Steel Hybrid

3 4 View Brown medCast Iron & Soapstone
Progress Hybrid

In 2011 we introduced the first hybrid combustion wood stove system to the wood stove market: high efficiency and output, and ultra-low emissions. Only Hybrid combustion systems offer both high efficiency and very low emissions across a wide spectrum of outputs, with great secondary flame activity in the top of the firebox - lots of fun to watch! Hybrid combustion guarantees more heat from less wood and less work. Our six month money-back guarantee is great reassurance for doubters.  Click here to find out more.

Award-Winning charcoal body moss accents sm
Ideal Steel Hybrid
The Ideal Steel Hybrid Wood stove is the most affordable high performance, low emission woodstove on the market. You'll get more heat, burn less wood, and create less smoke than with any other wood or pellet stove. But that's not all! The Ideal Steel Hybrid Woodstove is the first woodstove with customizable sides, top, and andirons. It's easy to use in the spring and fall as well as the winter, and it heats medium sized spaces as well as large ones because it has a high efficiency and low emissions across a large range of outputs.  Click here to find out more.  

• Wood Stoves for Sale Direct from our NH Factory! Click here for current wood stove sale details
• Best Wood Stove Money-Back Guarantee in the industry! See the Ideal Steel Hybrid Wood Stove in Popular Mechanics Click here to read.
• New Blog Posts about our Navajo Stove Project!  • Factory Direct Difference!

steal header

The thrill of getting the first seed catalogue in the mail! Gardeners have historically heralded the arrival of garden catalogues in February. The arrival of the catalogues in their mailboxes signals the proverbial ‘light at the end of the tunnel”- yes, there will be Spring! The practice of going through the pages and choosing which vegetable and flower seeds to order is an old tradition. This is a tradition that has provided food for our tables and colorful flower gardens for hundreds of years.

To commemorate this yearly rite, our February Ideal Steel of the Month celebrates the arrival of the seed catalogue with sprouts and sunshine. Enjoy the warmth of the fire inside your home, while you wait for seeds to arrive, and for winter to turn to spring. The seedling sprouts and sunshine designs will serve as a reminder of the warmer weather to come.

In addition, your stove will come with a toolset featuring a complimentary theme to the Seed Catalogue inspired artwork. (I’m thinking a stove in Metallic Brown stove with Moss Green accents would really complete the theme!)

If you want to discuss color schemes, installation, specifications or to proceed with this amazing Steel of the Month deal, just call our office. Our customer service team are all ready to help. Call 1-800-866-4344 or reserve our Woodstock Ideal Steal of the Month woodstove today- because these sprouts will be grown and gone soon!

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NAT025 Triptych February Design - NAT025 - Sprouts!
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Visit us in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, and Take a Tour of the Woodstock Soapstone Company Factory!

We love to have visitors at our factory/showroom. And, we can pretty much guarantee that if you heat with a wood stove, you'll enjoy the visit. We actually design, test, and manufacture all of our wood stoves right here in New Hampshire. We love to see the look on our visitors' faces when they enter the shop and see the laser cutter, the waterjet, the press brakes, the welders, and the stove builders... "Wow, you actually make them right here?"   Yes, we make them right here, and you can watch it happen!

While you're here, you can learn about our hybrid wood stove technology, and how we create some of the cleanest, most efficient wood stoves in the world, right here in the USA!

We are conveniently located off Interstate 89, at the intersection of Interstate 89 and Interstate 91, less than 3 hours from Hartford, CT, Boston MA, or Albany, NY.

Come visit and see our factory, Monday -Saturday from 9:00-5:00 (no appointment needed).

Click here for driving directions.

 What is a Hybrid Wood Stove?Ideal Steel Cutaway 2

A hybrid wood stove combines two combustion systems - secondary burning and a catalytic combustor - to burn everything in the woodsmoke before it exits the stove. Burning everything means the wood stove produces more heat than other systems, and lower emission. The catalytic combustor ignites at very low temperatures and cleans up low smoldering burns quickly. The two systems work together at medium and high burns to produce beautiful flames and no exhaust.

Ideal Designs
What Makes Us Love Soapstone Warmth?
Fireview w child  keystone w horse RGB  Progress Charcoal sm crop

The warmth of a fire, the charm of watching the flames and the catalytic efficiency of a Woodstock Soapstone wood stove - a winning combination!  Heat-retentive soapstone radiates a steady, even warmth that lasts all through the night.

Our free-standing woodstoves provide warmth and sustenance when the electricity is out. Heat and eat no matter the weather! You can cook on any of our stoves - but our three Hybrid wood stoves offer cook-top features that enhance your cooking experience.

Mother nature provides the beauty inherent in soapstone, while we provide the engineering to make the most of it.  In our legacy stoves, double walled stone construction and detailed castings ensure beauty and durability.  In our steel hybrid stoves, an inner layer of soapstone helps to hold the heat generated by the hybrid technology and radiate that warmth over a longer period of time.

Visitors are always welcome at our factory/showroom in New Hampshire, where you can see how our wood stoves are made - right here in the USA!

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Listen to Our Customers!

"Your stove saved my life." We've been without electricity for seven days. We used our Woodstock stove for heating, cooking, and melting snow. It saved my life. The only thing it doesn't do is play music! The person who designed it is a genius.
- Martin Reiser, Orono, ME

"One-of-a-kind craftsmanship is hard to find!"
The heat your soapstone stove produces is even and constant, to say the least! In the morning, we've still got hot coals and the fire re-kindles without a problem. Thanks for a quality, well-built product. One-of-a-kind craftsmanship is hard to find today. You're carrying on a long-lost tradition.
- Charles & Shirl DeMatteo, Culver, IN

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Factory direct difference

If you have any questions, or would like a free literature package, please call us toll free at 800-866-4344. We're here to answer your questions about installation and operation, provide free color samples, or help design a hearth or chimney system.

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